Making of World Record

Master. Joshua Philip Jha (Grade 6, Clarence High School, Bangalore) is one of the Youngest Expert in Cyber Security in India. He is considered as India’s One of the Youngest You Tuber in Cyber Security and he is also an aspirant as Ethical Hacker. At this young age of 11 he has delivered lot of trainings across India in Cyber Security to more than 1000 observers till date. Joshua also conducts regular training to Kids on Cyber Security awareness. He also initiate Bug Bounty which facilitates workshops to stake holders to fix the Bugs. Joshua has grabbed many awards and credentials for his hidden potentials and expertise in Cyber Security all these days. In this junction we are very glad and proud to inform you that Joshua Philip Jha has created a world record in the category “Longest Webinar Marathon on Cyber Security by an Individual (Minor - Male)” by handling a webinar for 12 Hours 20 Minutes continuously. His Webinar Covered a detailed note on Cyber Security Awareness, Website Security, Network Security, and etc., which gave lot of information on Importance of Cyber Security. 

All Faith Prayer
On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, All Faiths Prayer (Sarva Dharma Prarthana), All Faith Prayer was organized for all the religions. Prayer should not be regarded as a burden, which must be performed but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, because there is power in prayer which can do the impossible things possible.

This event was organized in order to prayer for all the religion for their wellbeing and safety.  It was a represented by several individual of persons belonging to different religious present on the occasion, e.g. Christian, Islam, Hindu, Jain, Buddha, Sikh, etc. It is a main short prayer from each religion.

Key Highlights                                        
1)Prayer for All Faith (praying virtually for different religion all in one platform). 2)All faith prayer song sung by Mrs. Preethi Mohana  
3)130 Student Participations 
4)Students from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Karnataka participated 5)Students from India, Canada, USA, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore participated.

World First Aid day
On the occasion of World First Aid day, Bharat Scouts and Guides, Tamil Nadu, along with Kongu Mangalam District Association in association with UpHemi organized First Aid Course for the students and teachers for Prathama Sopan/ Dwitiya Sopan/ Tritiya Sopan syllabus.

Key Highlights
1.What is First Aid - First Aid Kit - Golden rules of First Aid& contents of first aid box.
2.Burns and scalds, sprains, Stings. snake bite & dog bite.
3.Uses of Roller Bandage, Use of Triangular Bandage.
4.Fracture of arm, Improvise a stretcher, Different types of improvised, stretcher.
5.125 Student Participation 

Cyber Security Awareness
The objective to provide the session on Cyber Security Awareness was to keep the students aware about the spam mail, fake calls, avoid clicking inappropriate link for online shopping, games etc.

Key Highlights                             
1)Cyber Security Basic's.
2)Phishing Attacks.
3)Preventing Viruses
4)WhatsApp Phishing.
5)130 Student Participations  
6)Students from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Karnataka participated 7)Students from India, Canada, USA, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore participated.