5th Grade Maths Online Class

8-10 Hrs of Live Teaching, CBSE Curriculum, Certified & Trained Tutor, Performance Tracking, PTM, Fun Filled Learning, Mock Test, Get upto 50% OFF

Course Pricing

  • 5th Grade LIVE Math's Classes

    1699 INR

    per month
  • 8-10 Hrs of Live Teaching
  • CBSE Curriculum
  • Certified & Trained Tutor
  • Performance Tracking
  • Fun Filled Learning
  • Parent Teacher Meeting
  • Mock Test
  • Get upto 50% OFF
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Course Summary

UpHemi is here to Help your CHILD become more Self-Reliant in Mathematics and more Enthusiastic about Learning and Practising Math at the Comfort of your Home.

Mathematics it teaches logic and reasoning, mathematics is one of the most important courses, especially from Class 5 onwards. Every Math problem can be approached in a number of ways, and each student's reaction to each problem is different.

The CBSE / ICSE Maths Syllabus for 5th Grade was chosen and created in accordance with the most recent pattern. To prepare for their Maths exam, students can study according to the required syllabus and do CBSE Class 5 Maths Exercises.

Math is a subject that teaches us about numbers, space, and measurements.

Math also enables students to:

* They should broaden their analytical thinking.
* You'll have a better understanding of how things work.
* Develop their ability to think critically.
* Recognize the significance of comprehension and balance in all things.
* With numbers, you'll be able to grow faster and sharper.
* Connect with other areas of life where numbers are important.
* Increase their global awareness.

* Offer Price  INR 3298 INR 1699/-

UpHemi's Vision

"Unleash the Hidden Potential Within Every Child," is UpHemi's vision.  

We hire teachers who are qualified and certified, but most importantly, who are enthusiastic about teaching and have a thorough understanding of children's physiology. The class is  divided into three groups: medium, small, and one-to-one.There will be no classes that are pre-recorded.  

The syllabuses for CBSE and ICSE are covered. Students are prepared for Olympiads and competitions through UpHemi.

Benefits of Learning With UpHemi

 1) Increasing the ability of students to retain information
2) The ability to learn on their own time and at their own pace.
3) More interaction and a higher level of concentration
4) The ability to attend class regardless of the situation
5) Some types of testing can be made more efficient by providing a more comfortable and safe learning environment.
6) Minimal social distraction
7) Location is no longer an issue
8) To facilitate superior learning, the most up-to-date interactive technology is used. 

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